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         Lighthouse Baptist Church is pleased to offer Bible college classes from/through Faith Bible Institute.


Faith Bible Institute is a Bible college course for every Christian.  Students will study chronologically through the ENTIRE BIBLE and systematically through every major doctrine. Classes meet once a week.


Courses are on a college freshman & sophomore level.  A High School diploma is not required to enroll.  Current High School (9th-12th) Students may enroll no more than 3 years before their projected graduation date & must also be 14 by December 1 of the current school year (i.e. by December 1, 2018 of Fall 2018/Spring 2019 school year).  Those with advanced degrees may also enroll.


The classes are open to anyone that would like to attend (not just church members); however, there are tuition and application fees for those wishing to attend, but textbooks are included at no extra cost!!!


The next semester to sign up for will be the 2019 Fall Semester.  Please contact us if you are interested in attending.  You can find tuition and other course information on Faith Bible Institute’s website 

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